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Shipwrecked originally opened in the late 1800’s.  Lumber was a big commodity at this time, and with the nearby harbor, it quickly became a hub for lumberjacks and sailors alike to stop for a brew and swap stories.  The restaurant was popular among locals for its fine food, and the rooms were welcoming to wayward stagecoach travelers.
Enter the roaring 20’s!!  A new era that would forever change Shipwrecked’s history was about to take place.  Thanks in part to the shipping industry and the natural layout of the County; Door County became a favorite hiding spot for Al Capone, a famous mobster from Chicago.  One of his favorite hangouts was none other than Shipwrecked.  In fact, there are tunnels underneath this building (now closed for safety reasons), that lead all over Egg Harbor, including Murphy Park, which Capone used for quick getaways.  It is written that the caves originated in part from Chief Tecumseh, of the Ottawa Indian Tribe, who also used them for quick getaways from other tribes.  It is rumored that two “revenuers” (IRS Agents) were last seen in this building looking for Capone…somehow they got “lost” in the tunnels, never to be seen again.  It is further rumored that an illegitimate son of Capone’s hung himself in this building (or maybe someone helped him?).
In 1931, the area returned to normal when Capone was sentenced to eight years in prison.  The business changed hands a number of times in the years that followed..............from Murphy Moore's to 1997 when Shipwrecked Restaurant, Brewery, & Inn opened.  Shipwrecked, while less notorious, is none the less creating quite a reputation for it great times, fabulous food, and ice-cold, thirst quenching mugs of hand crafted ales!  Hope to see you soon!

The Shipwrecked Crew

In the heart of Egg Harbor

7791 State Hwy 42

P.O. Box 87

Egg Harbor, WI 54209


May - October


November - April


Phone:  1-888-868-2SOS (2767)

Local:  920-868-2767

Fax:  920-868-9413
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