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Shipwrecked Serves Up More "Spirits" Than Just Those you Drink!

In talking to previous owners, employees and life long residents of the area, it is rumored that Shipwrecked may be haunted.  Believe it or not, some strange things have occurred here at Shipwrecked.  We would like to introduce you to some of our vaporous visitors.

Verna Moore

Verna was married/divorced from Murphy Moore (one of the previous owners.)  She died almost 20 years ago in her house/cabin on County EE and is the most prevalent ghost.  She has been seen walking through the dining room, like she's keeping an eye on things.  She has also been heard in the basement.  The current owner's son, alone in the basement one evening heard a woman talking...thinking a customer had wandered down behind him, he turned around...and found no one!  Usually when Verna is present, it is because some thing's amiss or about to go wrong.  She is not to be feared, as she is very nice and gentle spirit.


The illegitimate son of Al Capone's was found hung in Shipwrecked's attic.  It is believed that he was murdered because he was about to turn Capone in to the authorities.  Jason has been seen in the attic (less frequently now that the attic has been renovated), and on the roof.  He appears so lifelike, that previous owners have recited the stories of Door County visitors who upon spotting the boy on the roof, telephoned this establishment to express their concern.

Missing Federal Agents

During the 1920's two "revenuers" came here to arrest Al Capone.  They have been missing ever since...(perhaps they were shown the tunnels?)


A logger was rumored to have been murdered at the Shipwrecked bar in the late 1800's (prior to the bar's present location, it used to be on the wall up against the restaurant and was L-shaped).  This spirit is reported to have a cantankerous disposition.  Fortunately, he has not visited Shipwrecked for quite some time.

Crying Baby

The baby's Mother was known to be one of Capone's "girls."  The baby disappeared one day, and the next day the Mother disappeared.  It is believed that the baby was an illegitimate child of Capone's.  Whatever happened to the woman and baby remains a mystery.

Female Traveler

Dressed in Victorian ERA cloths and carrying a carpet bag, her spirit has been sited waiting in the entrance of Shipwrecked for the stage coach.

Shipwrecked definitely has an exciting history.  We're hoping that our future holds just as much fun an excitement.  With the number or guests that we have (including those few who remain with us in "spirit" and refuse to leave!), you are guaranteed that there will never be a dull moment!  Who knows, you just might have an unexpected encounter or your own!  If you do, please tell us about it.

In the heart of Egg Harbor

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